Number of Salafists in Germany reaches record high

The number of Salafists in Germany has risen to its highest ever level, according to the country’s intelligence chief, sparking fears radical Islamist extremism is on the up.

Hans-Georg Maassen said people adhering to the fundamentalist Islamic ideology had ‘risen to an all-time high’, with the German intelligence agency BfV claiming it is now at 10,800 – it was at 9,700 in December last year.

He said recruitment to Salafism is now taking place in ark corners of the internet, which is hard to police.

Maassen also said Islamists coming from the North Caucasus were especially dangerous as many of them had extensive combat experience in Chechnya, Syria and Iraq.

“The affinity for violence, martial arts and weaponry held by many Islamists from the North Caucasus calls for attention from German security authorities,” Maassen said.

The threat of radical Islamist terror seems to be growing by the day. Europe needs firm borders to prevent the movement of these savages from warzones back onto the continent. More needs to be done online and domestically too otherwise more lives will be lost at the hands of this warped ideology.