Number of MPs set to vote against May's deal has increased, research finds

Theresa May’s astonishingly unpopular proposed deal with the European Union has seen even bigger opposition rise since she delayed the original vote on it in December. That’st quite some achievement.

Now BBC research suggests that May is set to see her deal voted down by a majority of 228. Anything like that number would be truly devastating.

The number of MPs opposing the deal is said to have increased by 19 since the delay in December, meaning that 206 MPs are set to vote for it and 433 against. In other words, no chance.

It is shocking just how badly the government have managed to botch this with a despised deal that Brexiteers simply can’t get behind. This is the problem with a Remainer Prime Minister surrounded by those who campaigned against leaving the EU in the first place.

May has however consistently committed to the UK leaving the EU on time, as promised, on 29th March 2019. When this bad deal is inevitably voted down, she should be clear that Britain is leaving with No Deal instead, as strongly favoured by Conservative Party members.