Number 10 'bans Donald Trump from meeting Nigel Farage' on UK visit

The paranoid government isn’t allowing Donald Trump to meet with Nigel Farage when the US President visits Britain next week, sources claim.

The Telegraph reports Downing Street has ruled it ‘a red line’ that President Trump doesn’t meet with Nigel, despite the fact the pair have a great relationship that, presumably, could be beneficial for the UK.

A source close to Farage told Westmonster: “Downing Street’s actions have already set the special relationship into a downward spiral. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot again and again by not working with the few people in Britain that know President Trump well.”

And Nigel said: “I understand that through the normal protocol channels established between [the countries] ahead of a visit that they are very keen – almost paranoid I was told – that he [Trump] doesn’t meet me.

“I just despair of this Government – they don’t seem to understand that the concept called the national interest.”

It’s not the first time this government has missed an obvious open goal – it shunned the idea of Nigel being US Ambassador, despite Trump basically requesting it.

It’s just tone deaf politics. And it could well prove to be to the detriment of Britain. Pathetic paranoia from May and Co.

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