'Not respecting the country!' Voters blast Wollaston over second EU vote

Conservative supporters have blasted Sarah Wollaston over her calls for a second EU referendum.

Boris Johnson also weighed into the debate over the Remoaner Tory MP, saying: “It’s important to have people who speak their mind in our party”. 

However, fellow backbench MP Lucy Allan wasn’t so sure Boris was in the right, simply replying: “Hmmm”.

Voters slammed Wollaston’s stance with one saying: “She has brought this on herself. Not respecting the country.”

Another said he was a Tory member, and if he was in Wollaston’s constituency he would “campaign hard” to deselect her.

One voter in Totnes, where Wollaston is the MP said: “It would be nice if she actually adhered to the manifesto.”

More people weighed into the debate including a comment saying: “She betrayed the electorate on a constitutional matter. She should know what that means.” And another: “But she isn’t a Tory”.

Referring to a new campaign set up to make the Conservatives conservative again, one user simply wrote: “She’s a fake Tory, and the blue wave is on its way.”

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Backing a second EU referendum is anti-democratic. Tory MPs stood on a platform to deliver Brexit…