'Not good enough!' Mercer slams PM over NI veterans

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer has slammed Theresa May for her response to a question he asked over Northern Ireland veterans being “dragged through courts”.

Writing on Twitter he said her response was “not good enough” and that he would “keep going” ending with “#countryfirst”.

Theresa May gave her answer as to what she had personally done to stop NI veterans from being put through the courts for potential crimes they committed by saying: “This is an issue I am well aware of the degree of concern that there is about this issue which is why I have held a number of discussions with the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on this matter.”

She went on to praise the “bravery” of soldiers and police officers who upheld the rule of law, saying there is a “disproportionate” focus on ex-members of the armed forces and the police.

Mercer went on to say: “I’ve nothing against No.10. However I have been genuinely left stunned today after another meeting this evening on NI veterans that exposed a child-like understanding of the issues and what is possible in this space inside No.10. In truth I’m furious.”