'No to Chequers, yes to Brexit!' Young Tories slam May's EU plan

Westmonster asked young Conservatives to get in touch if they were opposed to Theresa May’s Chequers deal.

A wave of responses came flooding in, with dozens of angry young members unhappy with the PM’s Brexit approach.

Westmonster has compiled a video of young Tories explaining why they are opposed to May’s Chequers proposals.

Joshua said: “It doesn’t deliver on the vote of the British people, 17.4m people voted to take back control of our laws and Chequers does not deliver on that.”

Jesse told us: “Let’s chuck Chequers because prioritising regulatory harmonisation with the EU over the ability to strike free trade deals globally is shooting ourselves in the foot.”

Jacqueline slated Chequers as a “Remainers dream”.

Edward claims: “When people on both sides of the aisle… are rejecting your proposed settlement you know there is a problem. Theresa May chuck Chequers.”

Kai says he supported Brexit however, all his principles are “eroded under Chequers, which keeps us as an EU rule taker and prevents our ability to trade on a global scale”.

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