'No financial support from government' for Manchester bomb victims

A row has broken out between Manchester City Council and the Tories after the government ignored pleas for financial support, following the bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in May, which killed 22 people.

The Guardian reports that officials from Manchester City Council requested access to extra funds at an emergency Cobra meeting shortly after the attack, to ensure that victims would receive priority access to mental health support, as well as any help needed to cope with life-changing physical injuries.

Word is that officials in Manchester are frustrated that the government paid out quickly to help those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire but has not done the same for Manchester.

Theresa May announced £5 million in additional funding for Grenfell victims just two days after the fire, it’s been more than 7 weeks since the Manchester attack and not a single penny of extra money has been allocated.

One of the victim’s fathers, whose daughter had bomb shrapnel lodged in her back, while his partner required 5 operations to treat a wound caused by an inch-long bolt, told the paper: “What happened at Grenfell Tower was awful, very much like the Manchester Arena bomb. Naturally you think it would bring together a show of unity between the government and the public, but unfortunately, there has not been much forthcoming…Up here we just get on with it. But I can’t help but feel terrible for the family and friends of the 22 we lost at the arena, as their government hasn’t even acknowledged them.”

Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, said:  “I’ve met a number of the Manchester families now and the challenges they are facing is huge. A common theme I’m picking up is that they feel they haven’t had enough recognition from the government.”

This is what the North/South divide looks like. People outside of the M25 are often forgotten about once the media circus moves on. Can the government seriously not find a single penny to support those who had their lives turned upside down by a suicide bomber?