No Deal support rising and public want Brexit sorted, poll finds

The British government have been put on notice by voters, with a striking new poll revealing that increasing numbers of Brits want Brexit delivered, even if it means leaving with No Deal.

New ComRes polling conducted for the Brexit Express and reported by The Sunday Telegraph reveal a rise in support for a No Deal Brexit, with 44% ‘agreeing that the UK should leave with No Deal if there are no more concessions from the EU’. The number of those in favour of No Deal has risen six points since January.

Jeremy Hosking, a major donor who founded the Brexit Express, has said: “No Deal ends the EU blackmail, and the EU’s bullying. It ends uncertainty. It ends our national humiliation in which some of our leaders are colluding.”

That compares to just 30% who disagree with such a notion, with a group of voters against No Deal that equates to less than a third of Brits. What a contrast the MPs in the ridiculously out of touch Remainer Parliament.

Meanwhile a clear majority of the 2,042 people polled (55%) agree that ‘they want Brexit to be sorted and don’t really care how’. The idea of an extension should be a non-starter for Ministers and MPs who have repeatedly promised that the referendum vote would finally be delivered on at the end of March.

The poll also reveals that the public think the British government have handled the negotiations badly, with an overwhelming 76% of voters holding that opinion compared to just 11% who disagree. That’s pretty dire.

It’s clear that the public want the government to deliver Brexit and increasingly support doing so without a deal if that is what is required. This is a matter of faith, trust and credibility in British democracy. Theresa May and her government must now deliver what 17.4 million people voted for. If they fail to do so, many voters will never forgive them.

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