No Deal Brexit planning 'wound down by government'

Just when you thought Theresa May’s Brexit approach couldn’t get any more weak, the government have reportedly ordered planning for a No Deal Brexit to be wound down. Absolutely bonkers.

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You might have thought that now would be the time to prepare more than ever for leaving the EU without a deal given the gridlock in Parliament. After all, preparing to leave on WTO terms is what gives the UK leverage in negotiations for changes to the current bad EU deal, though May bizarrely seems to have given up on demanding Brussels makes changes.

Sky News have seen a letter from the Permanent Secretary of a frontline Brexit department that tells staff: “In common with the rest of government, we have stood down our No Deal operational planning with immediate effect.”

It also apparently says: “(Thursday) morning, at a meeting chaired by the Cabinet Secretary, we agreed that the objective is to ensure we wind down our No Deal planning in a careful, considered and orderly way.”

Pro-Brexit Tory MP Crispin Blunt was so furious with the ridiculous stance that he has threatened to help bring the government down.

Yesterday, he said: “This would be a confidence matter for me if true. Commons Foreign 12 March 2017 unanimously called this a dereliction of duty.

“No Deal is not just a matter for UK unless PM has decided to revoke. That’d complete betrayal of 2016 referendum & 2017 GE.”

His Conservative colleague, Owen Paterson, simply wrote: “Beyond stupid!”

And Brexiteer MP Steve Baker wasn’t impressed either: “Sheer spite, I regret to say. Very sad. Officials have worked exceptionally hard to deliver our preparedness and deserve better.”

Another bonkers move from a government that seems to have totally lost the plot and is now willing to roll over and accept whatever EU deal they can ram through Parliament.

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