No Deal Brexit most popular Leave option, poll finds

A Sky Data poll has revealed that a clean, No Deal Brexit is now te most popular single option for leaving.

Sky News decided to split the question into three for some reason, offering two deal options and plus No Deal. They found 39% in favour of a No Deal, compared to 34% for Theresa May’s deal without the backstop and 27% with the backstop. It would have been interesting to see the numbers if they had kept it as a straight deal or No Deal question.

In their studio debate in Sunderland, 78% said they didn’t believe the UK would strike a deal with the European Union and No Deal was the most popular option again, backed by 43% of the audience.

Meanwhile when asked if those who are seeking to delay Brexit are actually trying to stop it altogether, the British public won’t be conned: 60% say that those seeking to extend Article 50 are attempting to block the UK’s exit from the EU completely.

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Outside of the bubble, increasing numbers of voters back leaving the EU without a deal. The British public won’t be bullied.