No Deal Brexit has 8-point lead over delay/second referendum

Leaving the EU without a deal at the end of October has an 8-point lead over a delay and second referendum, according to the latest Opinium poll.

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They find that when given a binary option about what should happen next, 48% of voters think the UK should leave the EU with No Deal on 31st October if Parliament can’t agree a deal, compared to only 40% who want to delay and second referendum.

When it comes to a General Election, the Labour Party are polling in first place with Opinium on 26%, with the Brexit Party second on 23%. The Conservatives are third backed by just 20% of voters.

The poll also has Boris Johnson holding a lead over Jeremy Hunt, with 57% thinking he would be the best to negotiate with the EU compared to 26% who back Hunt on the same question.

The Research Manager of Opinium, Jack Tadman, has said: “Boris Johnson continues to have the upper hand against Jeremy Hunt in the Conservative leadership race, at least if we go by how the two contenders are perceived by Conservative voters. Even on the Foreign Secretary’s relative strength of competence he does not have a decisive lead.

“However, Jeremy Hunt’s relatively broad appeal could be an antidote to Boris Johnson’s divisive presence. Electing Mr Johnson might be the Conservative Party’s quickest route to winning back voters from the Brexit Party, but it could permanently alienate former Conservatives that backed Remain at the same time.”