'No clear benefit' from low-skilled EU migration, government adviser confirms

The Chairman of the Migration Advisory Committee that advises the government on immigration policy has confirmed that open door, mass EU migration has delivered no clear benefit for Britain.

Professor Alan Manning told MPs: “Our view is for that lower-skilled migration, there is no clear benefit for UK residents.”

He confirmed that: “Most of the EU migration since 2004 has been predominantly low-skilled and it is not clear what benefit that has had to UK residents.

“If we take the public finances, we’re saying that lower skilled migration has probably been negative on the public finances because most of these workers are earning below a break even salary at which taxes exceed benefits and public services that they consume.”

Manning made clear that Eastern European migration since 2004 “hasn’t really had positive effects and has had negative effects”.

He also played down doomsday warnings from big business, highlighting how they have a vested interest in keeping wages low.

Manning’s Migration Advisory Committee recently revealed how mass migration had harmed the prospects of the less well-educated and young people whilst raising house prices.

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