'No Bregrets' New poll finds 52-36 split in favour of exiting EU

A Number Cruncher poll has confirmed once again that a majority of Brits want to leave the EU – with only a third wanting to keep the status quo and a bonkers 7% in favour of full economic submission in the form of Euro membership.

As Matt Singh writes for Bloomberg, they gave people five options. They were: Out of the EU with No Deal on withdrawal or trade, out of the EU with a basic deal but with full control of borders, out of the EU but inside the Single Market and without restrictions on migration, in the EU on the same terms as now, in the EU and a member of the single currency or don’t know.

The most popular choice was a Brexit with a basic deal and full control over borders on 30%. In addition to that a further 13% opted for a No Deal Brexit and another 9% wanted a ‘softer’ Brexit. That of course adds up to the magic 52% who voted to Leave. No Bregrets then.

On the flip side, less than a third, 29%, want to keep the status quo of EU membership and a further 7% want full EU integration including the Euro. Essentially, 36% of Brits want to keep EU membership, with a further 12% saying they don’t know.

So yes, things have changed since the referendum. More people have accepted that the UK is leaving the EU and those in favour simply have not changed their minds.

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Inconvenient facts for the increasingly desperate Remoaners.