Nigel: There is still time for a sensible trade deal

Britain’s unofficial Brexit Leader, Nigel Farage, was on the airwaves this morning setting out what he believes needs to happen now that Theresa May’s deal is dead.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain from Brussels, he said this morning: “If a new Prime Minister came in, went to Brussels and said ‘we are leaving at 11pm on March 29th on WTO terms’, within 48 hours the European Union would come back to us because of pressure from the German car industry, the French wine industry, the Belgian chocolate industry.

“They’d bite our arms off and we’d finish up leaving with a sensible free trade arrangement, there is still time.

“Brexit is not the problem, this Prime Minister is, she needs to go.”

Nigel also said that he now fears an extension of Article 50 with “voices in Westminster pushing hard for a second referendum” despite very little public support for such a move.

The clock is ticking and Brexiteers need to act quickly. There is time for a better deal but the country will only get that by preparing, fully, to walk away with No Deal.