Nigel: May should show 'real leadership' with No Deal Brexit

Britain’s unofficial Brexit Leader Nigel Farage today said that Theresa May has one way through the current situation: advocating a No Deal Brexit.

With May’s EU deal facing almost certain defeat in Parliament, Nigel told ITV’s This Morning: “Only way through this, there’s one possible solution. If the Prime Minister can show now that she’s got real leadership and say ‘right have this legislation in place, we’ve tried our best, we are leaving with No Deal because that’s the only way we can deliver independence for this country’.

“If she did that the nation would rally behind her in the most extraordinary way.”

He added that he didn’t think “she’s got it within her” and revealed that he now thinks a political class stitch-up involving a delay of Brexit is now the “most likely outcome”.

It would lead to “huge public anger” Nigel pointed out. He’s right. Given a No Deal Brexit is still the default policy of the government and May has once again promised that the UK will leave on 29th March 2019, May could have back a WTO Brexit or go back on her word and betray Brexiteers. Which will it be?

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