Nigel: European Council should veto Article 50 extension

Brexit MEP Nigel Farage laid out a clear path forward for the UK’s EU exit today: for the expected request by a Remainer Parliament in Westminster to extend Article 50 to be rejected by European politicians.

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A Brexit delay would need the unanimous approval of the European Council, the grouping of the EU heads of state and governments.

In a speech in the European Parliament today, Nigel hit out at the “snarling anger towards our country” from the EU including the “constant stream of insults” from Donald Tusk.

“We don’t want to be governed by you, we want to govern ourselves,” he told the EU chamber.

Farage highlighted how it is now likely that Theresa May would end up begging for an Article 50 extension next week and that the EU leaders should turn down and veto a request to extend so that the UK leaves on 29th March with No Deal.

He warned that otherwise he, along with “hordes of Eurosceptics”, could be in the EU Parliament after elections in May and that British involvement undermines the EU’s grand plan for a “United States of Europe” that includes a full EU Army.

Are European leaders really willing to allow Remainer MPs to kick the can down the road, or do they now want to see the UK simply leave at the end of this month?