Nigel: Allowing illegal migrants to stay will encourage more to arrive

Nigel Farage has today responded to news that more migrant boats have been intercepted off the coast of Dover, making clear that if illegal migrants are allowed to stay the problem will only get worse.

Two more boats were discovered last night, taking the total number of migrants discovered over the past fortnight to around 90.

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Farage told Westmonster: “If all the illegal immigrants being rescued in the Channel and coming into Dover are allowed to stay, that will encourage even more to come. A tragedy is close at hand.”

Westmonster has asked the Home Office if any of those found have been deported, but we were fobbed off: “We are not providing a running commentary on the incidents or the individuals involved.”

Sounds like a no to us. Weak borders and illegal migration must end. Those who come to this country illegally must be deported.

We will continue to highlight the issue of illegal immigration. If you support what we do, help Westmonster fight for strong borders.