NHS waiting lists in crisis as mass migration rolls on

NHS waiting lists are at their highest level for a decade as mass migration continues.

More than 3.8m people were waiting to start treatment at the end of June, which is usually a quiet period for the health service, sparking fears it could buckle completely during the busier winter rush.

Phillippa Hentsch, head of analysis at NHS Providers, which represents most hospitals, said the figures showed that “even at the height of summer, the NHS is working at full stretch”.

She said: “The lesson here is that there is simply not enough capacity in the system to assure patient safety in the coming winter.”

But with net migration at almost 250,000 last year it’s hardly surprising the NHS is struggling to cope with the extra demand, and that’s not to mention the estimated 1.2m illegal immigrants.

Health tourism is also a massive problem for the NHS, with government estimates showing it amounts to 0.3% of the health service’s entire budget.

Until Britain’s borders are secured and mass migration is brought to an end, all of Britain’s public services, especially the NHS, will be put under unbearable strain.