New poll shows public think Brexit was right decision

The latest poll for top opinion firm YouGov has destroyed the recent Remoaner claims that the British people are turning against Brexit.

Members of the public were asked if, in hindsight, Britain was right or wrong to back Brexit on June 23 last year: 45% said we were right while only 43% said we were wrong – roughly similar proportions to the final vote last summer.

The results are also in line with recent survey results gathered for Tony Blair which revealed that most British voters believe Brexit should mean Brexit.

An earlier poll released in April showing 45% oppose our exit from the EU was trumpeted by pro-EU news outlets, with Bloomberg boasting that the “UK is starting to regret Brexit” and the Independent announcing that a “majority of British voters believe Brexit was [the] wrong decision”. Time will tell if they pay as much heed to the more recent survey that doesn’t suit their Europhile agenda.

The poll also reveals that voters continue to back Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party over the weak leadership of Theresa May.

45% of voters say they would vote Labour in a snap General Election despite senior left-wing politicians suggesting they would keep Britain tied to the Single Market and Customs Union. Whether or not Corbyn can continue to deceive the public with vague statements on Brexit remains to be seen.