'New level of violence' brought to London by Somali and Congolese migrants

The surge in violence sweeping across London has been partly caused by Somalian and Congolese immigration, according to a former gang member.

London is in the midst of a knife crime epidemic, with official figures showing knife-related incidents were up 24% last year.

Wayne, an ex-gangster from Plumstead, said: “In the last 10 years, since the Somalis and the Congolese came to London, they taught us a whole new level of violence.

“These people had seen family members mutilated so when they said, ‘I’m gonna smash you up,’ us guys would be shouting, ‘Yo blud, wot you mean?’ and they would just pull out a blade and juk (stab) you in the chest.

“It upped the speed and level of violence for us British-born guys. We had to arm up to protect ourselves. It created an upward spiral.”

It stands to reason that groups of young, adolescent men from extremely violent backgrounds would transfer that violence to London’s streets when they move here.

Britain has no choice but to hike up the number of bobbies on the beat and the police budget as a whole otherwise swathes of London will turn into no go zones.

It might also help if Britain’s border controls saw far fewer incredibly dangerous individuals being allowed into the country.