New French PM called Macron “technocrat banker” in January

Emmanuel Macron has appointed Republican politician, Edouard Philippe, to be his new Prime Minister, but Westmonster has uncovered an article written by Philippe just a few months ago in which he attacks Macron and describes him as a “technocrat banker” with few principles.

Writing in January, Philippe said: “Who is Macron? For some, impressed by his power of seduction and his reformist rhetoric, he would be the natural son of Kennedy and Mendes France. We doubt it. The former had more charisma, the second more principles. For others, he would be Brutus, the adopted son of Caesar.”

Philippe doesn’t stop there, he actually says it would be insulting to compare Brutus, who was a senator and philosopher to Macron, who he described as “a technocrat banker” with no principles.

He goes on to unfavourably compare Macron to Naevius Sutorius Macro, a Roman officer who ordered staff to smother Emperor Tiberius under a huge pile of clothes after it was discovered they had announced his death prematurely.

Macron,” he continued “who knows nothing but promises everything, with the ardour of a juvenile conqueror and the cynicism of an old truck driver”.

Ouch! Not even Comrade Corbyn had savage attacks like this written about him by his Shadow Cabinet!