New electric Mini to be built in Britain

The new electric Mini will be built in Britain, Oxfordshire to be precise, in what is yet another Brexit boost for Britain.

BMW’s Cowley plant will start churning out the cars from 2019 – exactly when Britain’s EU divorce should be finalised.

Suggestions that Brexit would scupper industrial investment and the manufacturing industry as a whole are proving completely unfounded.

Frank Bachmann, Managing Director of Plant Oxford, said: “This is good news for everybody on the team at Plant Oxford and this addition to the model line-up marks an important next step in the evolution of Mini.

“As the main manufacturer of the Mini three-door, with production expertise built up over many years, it makes sense for us to build this all-electric model.

“I know that everyone on the plant is looking forward to the project that lies ahead.”

Remoaner claims about Brexit causing Britain’s economy to collapse seem to be proven wrong every day – EasyJet have announced more than 600 new jobs at Gatwick alone earlier today. The only thing collapsing is Project Fear.