New Brexit Secretary refuses to rule out preferential access for EU migrants

The new Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab, has refused to rule out that EU citizens will be given preferential access to come and live and work in Britain post-Brexit.

Worryingly, it looks like the specifics of immigration will be left out of the government’s white paper and could still be subject to negotiation with EU bigwigs.

Raab on the Today programme has said: “Sajid Javid will come up with an Immigration Bill. We need to have control over the number of people coming. We are ending free movement. There won’t be this discrimination you’ve had at the moment where EU nationals are treated in a different way from other citizens around the world.”

But, when pressed on it, he actually refused to rule out that EU citizens won’t have preferential access, saying: “The precise nature on what we agree on is subject for negotiation” effectively he refusing to rule out that the government’s proposals would be softened even further during EU negotiations.

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