'Nearly half of child refugees in Germany are actually adults'

In Germany, nearly half of those who are classified as ‘unaccompanied minors’ are actually older than 18-years-old, according to data seen by German media.

Die Welt reports that 43% of the 55,890 migrants in youth welfare care were fully grown adults.

In some cities with higher migration, such as Hamburg, the figure of those falsely claiming to be children rises to a shocking 47%!

The German Child and Youth Emergency Service (KJND) decide the status of migrants who travel to Germany without a passport or other identity papers. If they suspect a migrant claiming to be a child is actually an adult, social workers send them to a hospital where they undergo various medical tests to determine their age.

The issue is a hot topic in the country at the moment after it turned out that the ‘child refugee’ who murdered an EU official’s daughter was actually aged between 25 and 30.

Germany isn’t the only country being taken for a ride; earlier this year, Sweden reported that 80% of ‘child refugees’ turned out to be adults.

In the UK, the Home Office caused controversy last year after it decided to erect fences around a migrant centre to stop newspapers taking photos of so-called child refugees.

They were later forced to admit that 2/3 of ‘child refugees’ were actually adults.