MPs vote on more Lords Brexit amendments

MPs have been voting on Lords amendments to the Brexit Bill. Results are as follows:


MPs voted AGAINST a Labour amendment to the Brexit Bill by 322 votes to 240 (Majority: 82) which called on the Government to negotiate full access to the Single Market:

Fve Labour MPs to resigned from the front Bench:

Update: Labour MP Laura Smith resigned in order to vote AGAINST remaining in the EEA.

MPs voted AGAINST Lords Amendment 51 which would have forced the Government to negotiate remaining in the EEA/Single Market.

MPs voted 326 to 126  against the amendment.

BBC Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg describes the defeat as a “pretty chunky Labour rebellion”:

15 Labour MPs from mostly Leave voting sears vote with the Government to leave the EEA:

Customs Union

MPs vote to reject Lords Amendment 1 and 2, which would have forced the government to negotiate a continued Customs Union with the EU.

More to follow…