MPs vote on Lords Brexit blocking amendments

MPs are voting on the Lords’ Brexit blocking amendments.

The government has won a vote blocking the removal of the exact time and date of Brexit (that’s March 29th at 11pm, by the way) by 326 votes to 301.

Importantly, MPs have also rejected the so-called ‘meaningful vote’ Lords Amendment that would stop Britain leaving the EU without a deal and would have allowed Parliament to force the government’s negotiating hand.

Before those votes, things started well for the government, winning the Commons vote to reject Lords amendment 110 by 324 votes to 302 – but it looks like Theresa The Appeaser has struck again…

So what has she conceded on now? Brexiteers should be worried that the Remoaner PM has sold them down the river.

The actual vote on Amendment 110 means the Sifting Committee will not be able to scrutinise the Cabinet’s Brexit directives.

Apparently the government struck a deal with Tory rebels that the Commons will be able to direct Brexit negotiations if there’s no deal by November 30th this year.

But the government’s reportedly denied it:

The obvious concern is this:

The voting continues…

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