MPs vote for Parliament to control Brexit if deal voted down

Politicians in Westminster are seeking to take control of Brexit if MPs vote down Theresa May’s deal, as Remoaners seek to stop a clean World Trade, No Deal Brexit.

That’s despite the fact that Survation found a clean, No Deal Brexit is backed by more Brits than Theresa May’s deal.

The government were once again defeatedin Parliament, this time 321 – 299.

The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg revealed how some MPs are plotting to now push the UK towards a Norway-style deal, meaning open borders.

As ITV’s Robert Peston had earlier set out how: “Another huge vote is due tonight – this time on making sure MPs can say what kind of Brexit or no Brexit they want in the event that May’s loses vote on her Brexit.”

Former Brexit Minister Steve Baker had earlier claimed that the amendment is not legally binding on the Prime Minister.

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