MPs reject Common Market, Customs Union and second referendum

Once again politicians have rejected all alternative plans to kill off Brexit completely.

A Customs Union was rejected by 273 – 276 and Common Market (with open borders) went down by 282 to 261.

On top of that a second referendum was rejected by 292 to 280 and a potential revocation of Article 50 went down by 292 to 191.

Amendment C from Ken Clarke was for “a permanent and comprehensive UK-wide customs union with the EU”.

D was the Common Market 2.0 plan from Tory MP Nick Boles that would include keeping freedom of movement.

Amendment E wanted a second referendum on any UK-EU deal.

G called for No Deal Brexit to be blocked, even possibly by revoking Article 50 completely.

The DUP’s 10 MPs voted against all of the measures, despite speculation that they might abstain.

A No Deal Brexit on WTO terms looks increasingly like the logical way forward that would avoid any further delay.

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