MPs reject bid to block No Deal Brexit

MPs have voted against an attempt by Remainer MPs to take control of Parliament on 25th June in a bid to block an EU exit on WTO terms.

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309 MPs voted against it with 298 in favour. The move was spearheaded by Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Another fail on their part.

A recent ComRes poll finding that 42% of voters back exiting the EU on 31st October, even if that has to be without a deal, compared to 38% who are against.

Meanwhile hardline Tory Remainer MP Dominic Grieve has said that he would resign the party whip to help bring down the government if it pushes for a No Deal Brexit.

The new Prime Minister is going to have to have guts, courage and grit to take on Remainer MPs and deliver Brexit on 31st October, as the likes of Boris Johnson have promised.