MPs must respect democracy and reject blocking amendments from Lords

After Europhile Lords voted disgracefully for 15 Brexit blocking amendments, MPs will now vote on them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

This is about the future of the country. As The Sun say: “MPs must have faith in our great country, our talent and our ability to thrive outside the EU — and they must respect our decision.”

The Express are clear as well: “Today the time has come for our elected representatives to decide: are you or are you not the servants of the people?”

The amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill range from the Customs Union to the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights to trying to remove a specific date for leaving the EU, with some even pushing for the EEA option which is essentially EU membership by the back door including open borders.

Frankly, it is a total disgrace that it has even come to this. Lords have shown themselves to be completely out of control.

But that is where we are. And now MPs have the choice.

They can either respect the democratic mandate from the referendum result, when the public were told that the government would implement whatever they decided.

Or they can show a total disregard for democracy in seeking to block Brexit.

Let’s hope MPs, whether they backed Leave or Remain, have enough respect for the people that they do not try and stop Brexit.

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