MP resigns from government to 'fight for Brexit'

The clearly principled Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns has resigned from her PPS role in the government so that she can “fight for Brexit”.

Stepping down as a Parliament Private Secretary, Jenkyns points out how in Parliament “there are 21 members on the Brexit committee, only 7 of which voted to leave the EU” and she wants to focus more on fighting for the pro-Leave majority of Brits.

“As we get closer to us leaving the EU, my committee business will be more important than ever and I believe it best I do all I can to fight to secure the right direction for our country’s future.”

And she says: “I made a promise to my constituents during this Parliament to fight for Brexit and this is a promise that I intend to keep to the best of my abilities. And it is important that I have both the time and freedom to speak out on the backbenchers to be able to do so.”

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Now there’s some proper principle and pro-Brexit steel. Much more needed from others.