Morgan stands up for hero Churchill against Green loony lefty

Piers Morgan tore Green MSP Ross Greer a new one this morning after the disrespectful lefty tweeted that “Churchill was a white supremacist mass murderer”.

Greer’s disgusting intervention came after the Conservative Party marked the anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death. “For many, the greatest Briton to have ever lived”. Quite.

Morgan challenged the bonkers Green – describing him as a “thick ginger turd” – to come on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

And this morning he got both barrels, with Piers Morgan hitting out at the “Churchill hater” and pointing out that Sir Winston “almost single-handedly dragged this country from the abyss of World War Two”.

Good to see such shocking disrespect called out. The thoroughly unpleasant far-left cannot be allowed to rewrite history.