Morgan: Brexiteers are joining Tory Party, want to see Remainer MPs deselected

Remoaner MP Nicky Morgan has confirmed that Brexiteers are joining the Tory Party – and want to see the back of pro-Remain Tory MPs such as herself.

Speaking to The House magazine, she confirmed: “It’s undoubtedly true there are people trying to get into the party who would like nothing more than to deselect Conservatives like me.”

She cited Jeremy Corbyn as being a reason for an upsurge in Conservative membership as well, saying: “There are undoubtedly people joining. What we’re finding is that Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest recruiting sergeant. A lot of people are joining more because of fear of a Labour government than for any other reason.”

The vast majority of Conservative Party members voted to leave the European Union. A full Brexit is now the mainstream view of the party and country.

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Are the Tories really going to turn down new members who are frustrated with MPs who consistently undermine the Conservative government’s stated policy of exiting the Single Market & Customs Union?