More illegal boat migrants arriving in Kent

The number of illegal migrants heading from France on boats to Kent has continued, with incidents incidents flagged both today and yesterday.

Sunday morning saw a group of migrants land on a Kent beach in Kingsdown. The six men are thought to be Iranian.

Today has seen at least another eight suspected illegal migrants detained in Lydd-on-Sea, also in Kent.

There were local reports that the group of migrants were intercepted in Coast Drive, Greatstone.

The Border Force have said: “Kent Police was made aware at 8.16am of a report of a group of suspected migrants seen in Coast Drive, Greatstone.

“Officers attended to assist Border Force who are dealing with the incident.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has insisted that border protection is a top priority for him and the Home Office.

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But the boats are still coming, and what is happening to those being caught? If they are being allowed to stay, the situation could sadly get even worse.