More Brits think No Deal would work out than support Brexit delay, poll finds

A higher percentage of British voters think a No Deal Brexit on WTO terms would ultimately work out than support a delay, according to a new ComRes poll for The Telegraph.

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46% of voters agree that No Deal would “briefly cause some uncertainty but ultimately work out OK”, compared to just 28% who disagree.

This backs up findings from another recent ComRes poll that revealed 14-point lead in favour of No Deal if the EU refuse to grant significant concessions, which they have.

When asked about a Brexit delay, 40% are of people are supportive of the UK leaving beyond 29th March, fewer than those who believe Brexit on WTO terms would ultimately work out.

Worryingly for MPs, 68% of voters do not trust politicians to do the right thing for the country on Brexit.

Whilst 61% say they believe the EU has tried to “punish” the UK during Brexit negotiations. That includes a whopping 85% of Leavers.

And 45% agree that it would have been easier for the UK to have left without a deal in 2016 compared to the time wasted negotiating Theresa May’s terrible deal.

What a contrast to the hardline anti-Brexit manoeuvring in a Remainer Parliament that is seemingly determined to frustrate the will of the people.