Mogg: White Paper means UK will be rule-taker, wording on migration means nothing

The government’s Brexit White Paper has been released – and Jacob Rees-Mogg is far from impressed.

Whilst the paper says it ends free movement of people and direct jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, Jacob Rees-Mogg and others aren’t swallowing it.

The Telegraph quote Mogg as saying: ‘The overall consequence is that we will be a rule-taker, de-facto subject to the European Court of Justice and it’s hard to believe that there is even a tinge of pink left in Mrs. May’s red line on this.

‘It is hard to see that any of this meets the promises Mrs. May made in her earlier speeches. We have not known such vassalage to the continent since King John paid homage to the King of France (in 1200).’

‘The wording on migration means nothing. They have climbed down on everything else. People tend to behave in a consistent way. They are keeping the option of free movement by another name open.’

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Brexiteers cannot possibly swallow this.