Mogg: We're getting there on Brexit, UK must leave Customs Union

‘We’re getting there on Brexit’ – that’s the message from Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Westmonster caught up with The Mogg and fellow Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski to get their latest views on Brexit and the future of the Tory Party.

Rees-Mogg is still optimistic about Brexit, is demanding that the UK leaves the Customs Union completely, is critical of the House of Lords for stifling the will of the people and would like to see a post-Brexit immigration policy that is equal for everyone, not simply EU citizens.

Daniel Kawczynski went further – he thinks a lot of the problems facing Britain today are as a result of having a Remainer as PM and that Mogg should be the next Tory Leader and PM.

He said, speaking at the event in Westminster: “You have to think if (this get together) would have been organised for many, many members the Conservative Party,  whether a man and his dog would turn up. This place is absolutely heaving.

“There’s probably less than five Conservative parliamentarians who would draw this sort of crowd; Boris and Gove, obviously, but then again they’ve had their chance. And I will never forgive what happened at the election where the two of them fell out in such a spectacular way which then ensured that a Remainer became Prime Minister.

“And some of the problems we have today is as a result of not voting for a staunch, authentic Brexiteer to become PM after the referendum. When you take that into account I think Jacob Rees-Mogg is the only credible person to become the next Leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister.”

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