Mogg: We have solved NI border unlocking real Brexit

A document put forward by the pro-Brexit group of Tory MPs, the ERG, has claimed to solve the NI border issue in the Brexit negotiations.

Westmonster’s Steven Edginton went to the release of the paper attended by former Brexit Secretary David Davis, head of the ERG Jacob Rees Mogg and several other senior Tory MPs.

Former Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers told Westmonster: “It is the big blockage which is preventing progress on the sort of Canada style FTA that Donald Tusk himself raised just a few months ago. The paper we published today demonstrates that we can use existing technologies, existing administrative techniques all of which are consistent with EU law and still maintain an open and free-flowing border in Northern Ireland.”

In response to Westmonster’s question on whether the ERG has let down Brexit voters by allowing Chequers to go through and for Britain to be run by a Remainer PM, Jacob Rees-Mogg responded: “Here we are the ERG has a solution to the problem, we have lots of important steps in this way.

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“The ERG has been plugging away consistently at putting the argument for the Brexit that 17.4m people voted for… We model ourselves on Alastair Cook, we are still scoring centuries even if we’ve been going for some time.”

When asking Andrea Jenkyns whether she urges her colleagues to put their letters in to call a no-confidence vote in Theresa May she told us: “I’ll always urge because my letter is in there so of course.”

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