Mogg urges May to take much more hardline approach to Brexit negotiations

Jacob Rees-Mogg has been on the Andrew Marr Show this morning criticising the government’s negotiating position on Brexit and calling for a clean break from the Customs Union.

He said: “A Customs Union on its own does not solve the seamless border issue. If you go and look at the Turkish border, which is in a Customs Union, you require regulatory alignment as well, and that means the Single Market.

“And so if we were to stay as a rule taker, as a vassal state for an indeterminate period, that I think would not be delivering on Brexit.

“And if you offer a backstop that’s more attractive than anything you’re likely to negotiate from the other side’s point of view, the backstop ends up becoming the frontstop.”

Just hurry up and launch a leadership bid, Moggy.

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