Mogg: UK needs a new Leader

Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has today once again called for Theresa May to go, saying that: “The Conservative Party – and the nation – needs a new Leader.”

He suggests in the Mail on Sunday due to time constraints “it may well be worth paying for a standstill agreement to allow time to prepare for leaving on World Trade Organisation terms or to negotiate a free trade deal”.

In terms of names of who could step up to take over and lead the country moving forward, Boris Johnson is mentioned. Surprisingly, so is Amber Rudd, a mega Remainer who has suggested a Norway-style open borders sell-out and even a second referendum. Not sure how that one would work.

And JRM spells out the danger if the Conservative Party fails to deliver a proper Brexit that 17.4 million Brits voted for: “Refusing to deliver Brexit that would lay a carpet of the deepest red upon which Mr. Corbyn could walk into Downing Street.”

This is a huge week. Time for pro-Brexit MPs to do whatever they need to do to ensure independence is delivered, or the British people are unlikely to forgive them.

The battle for Brexit is reaching a crucial stage. Will you help Westmonster fight for independence?