Mogg takes apart May's EU deal

Jacob Rees-Mogg has spent this afternoon underlining why he and vast majority of pro-Brexit MPs will vote down Theresa May’s deal.

Setting out his view over a series of six tweets, Mogg explain: “Reasons why the Withdrawal Agreement is bad 1/6: This deal hands over £39bn of UK taxpayers money with no guarantee of any long term agreement in return. In two years time we could be in the same place less £39bn. Our money should be conditional on a trade deal.

“This deal, Article 174, keeps the supremacy of the European Court over our own law.

“We could remain tied to the EU for an extendable ‘transition’ period, paying and accepting new laws over which we will have no say.

“Unrestricted immigration of EU nationals will still be continuing at least 4 years after the referendum.

“This deal leaves us with regulatory border checks on British goods at Calais, failing to solve the one issue it uses to justify the payment of money and other concessions

“This deal will deny the UK an independent trade policy while potentially keeping us out of existing EU trade policy. We would be cut off from the world with our trade and economy regulated from Brussels.”

How many MPs who actually believe in Brexit are going to back such a deal next week? It is a capitulation and not what the British people voted for.

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