Mogg: Suspect Brexit delay is plot to stop UK leaving

Brexiteer MP Jacob Rees-Mogg has sounded the alarm over a potential delay to Brexit beyond 29th March, saying: “My suspicion is that any delay to Brexit is a plot to stop Brexit. This would be the most grievous error that politicians could commit.”

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It comes as Theresa May yesterday announced that she would give MPs the chance to block a No Deal Brexit and vote for an extension of Article 50 if her deal is voted down.

Mogg responded by telling Sky News that: “If Brexit were to be delayed to change the backstop to the Malthouse Compromise that would be positive and to allow time for the legislation to get through, that would be perfectly acceptable.

“If it’s being delayed, which is my suspicion, as a plot to stop Brexit altogether, then I think that would be the most grievous error that politicians could commit.

“It would be overthrowing a referendum result, two General Elections – one to call for the referendum, one to endorse the referendum – and would undermine our democracy.”

In an interview with the Financial Times it has also been reported that Mogg may no longer demand the removal of the backstop entirely in return for supporting Theresa May’s deal, but instead call for legal changes to ensure the backstop trap can’t become permanent. Whether the government will deliver that or not is another story.

With the clock ticking, it is time that Brexiteer MPs stood up for the 17.4 million who want to see independence delivered, as promised. Brexit is now under threat both from Remain Ministers happy to delay the EU exit day and Labour who want a second referendum. The situation is now critical.

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