Mogg: 'No Deal Plus' plan would deliver Brexit

Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has spoken out in favour of a ‘No Deal Plus’ plan, hitting out at Theresa May’s current proposed deal which would “leave us more tied into the EU’s Customs Union than we are today”.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday, Mogg says that: “It is time for the Prime Minister to be true to her mantra that ‘No Deal is better than a bad deal’. It is also time for convinced Brexiteers like me to compromise.

“So at this late hour in the negotiations, we would like to make a new, generous offer to break the deadlock, to achieve a ‘No Deal Plus’.”

Mogg calls for a Plan B solution that would involve financial contributions and maintain a 21-month transition period, but that the UK would become a third country outside of the EU orbit which would “provide both sides with time to prepare for a departure on to World Trade Organisation terms, or for the activation of the comprehensive free trade deal that the EU has offered”.

JRM’s endorsement of such a plan follows on from a rumoured Cabinet No Deal proposal that would mean:

  • UK would save £20 billion from the proposed Brexit bill.
  • Follow EU rules for a few years.
  • Negotiate with the EU as a third party for a free trade deal.
  • Include a fixed end date.
  • Allow UK to negotiate and sign global trade deals.

Whilst not perfect – Brussels has frankly had enough British taxpayers’ money – it is a marked improvement on the disastrous Chequers-style plan May is currently fixated with. Will the government see sense? No Deal is still much better than a bad deal.