Mogg: No Deal, no hard border, no backstop

Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg has responded to the Irish government’s contingency planning by insisting that it shows “No Deal means no hard border”.

The issue of a hard border has been used by Brussels in the EU negotiations, with the much-hated backstop one of the end products of that. The attempt by the EU side to lock the UK into their orbit is why Theresa May’s deal currently has no chance of getting through Parliament.

But the simple fact is that the British government aren’t going to put up a hard border, nor are the Irish government. Are the EU going to send over their soon-to-be army?

As the Republic of Ireland’s plan makes clear: “In planning for the real possibility of a No Deal Brexit, the government’s approach will continue to be guided by the same priorities…the protection of the peace process and the Good Friday Agreement, including the principle of consent and there being no hard border”.

The Irish Examiner are summarising Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s position as: “We are not preparing for a hard border between NI and Ireland in event of a No Deal Brexit”.

Which then led to Mogg tweeting: “No Deal means no hard border so no need for the backstop.” Project Fear is once again taking a kicking from reality.

Back in July, the Irish Times reported on comments from Leo Varadkar and said: “The European Union has reassured the government that no physical checks will be needed on the border even if the UK crashes out of the bloc without a deal,”

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