Mogg: No compromise on Customs Union, it would mean effectively staying in the EU

Jacob Rees-Mogg has injected a bit of common sense into the Brexit Customs Union/Partnership debate on Daily Politics.

He said he would not be willing to ‘compromise’ over Customs Union membership, saying: “The Customs Union means we are effectively staying in the EU. So no. Of course not.”

Ress-Mogg added: “The Customs Union means we’re effectively staying in the EU and would be a dramatic failure of government policy. The government got elected on a manifesto saying we’d leave the Customs Union and its policy is what the Prime Minister is committed to implementing.

“The Customs Partnership seems to be running into the sand because it practically doesn’t work.”

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There isn’t a compromise to be had if the compromise involves effectively staying in the EU. Well said, Moggy, get that man in Downing Street!