Mogg 'likely to run in Tory leadership contest', according to ally

Money is being raised to help fund Jacob Rees-Mogg’s push to become Prime Minister.

The group ‘Ready For Rees-Mogg’ has sent round an email saying ‘Theresa May’s government is falling apart’.

Sam Frost, from Ready For Rees-Mogg, told Westmonster: “Beforehand, we thought we’d wait for Theresa May to resign but now she’s totally betrayed the 17.4m Brexiteers and we’re hoping to force it (a leadership challenge) through and get Jacob Rees-Mogg to run.

“A leadership election is possible within the next few days or even hours, especially if Boris resigns. And with all the rumours of Jacob looking for a PR company to help him out, it’s likely that he would run.

“With strong leadership, we can make the most of Brexit.”

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The wheels are in motion. Very soon the deafening chanting of ‘Moggy, Moggy, Moggy, Oi, Oi, Oi’ could be ringing around Westminster.