Mogg: Boris being attacked because he's a future leadership contender?

Jacob Rees-Mogg has defended Boris Johnson’s criticism of the burka again, insisting that he agrees with his stance that it shouldn’t be banned whilst disliking it.

Writing in The Telegraph, Mogg points out that: “It is hard to see why the offence today is so deep when the purpose of a burka, according to some understandings of the Koran, is to prevent a woman being seen by men outside her immediate family. She is not to ‘display her beauty’ beyond her close relations.

“This makes the howls of outrage suspect and the motivations dubious. Why would senior Conservatives want to attack so popular a figure for saying something that had been said before, and which they had not objected to?”

And touching on future leadership prospects directly, Mogg asks: “Could it be that there is a nervousness that a once and probably future leadership contender is becoming too popular and needs to be stopped?”

Mogg is right of course: the attempted hatchet job on Boris by the Tory Remain establishment is out of a nervousness to try and stop him.

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