Mogg: Bank of England's Carney is 'second-tier Canadian politician'

Jacob Rees-Mogg has hit out at the Bank of England’s Governor Mark Carney, describing him as a “second-tier Canadian politician”.

It comes after Carney unleashed more Project Fear, warning of a recession and a big hit to the economy as he pushed a ‘worst-case’ No Deal Brexit scenario. The establishment closing ranks, once again.

Back in 2016 he also warned that a Leave vote could spark a recession as well. Like the Treasury, the Bank of England’s warnings have been horrifically inaccurate. This is pure scaremongering.

And Mogg isn’t amused, saying: “Mark Carney is a second-tier Canadian politician who failed to get on in Canadian politics and got a job in the UK.

“I don’t think he’s greatly respected and he’s been deeply politicised to the damage of the Bank of England’s reputation.”

Isn’t it interesting how the mainstream media keep pushing headlines about the dire consequences of Brexit from the same people who said Leave would mean 500,000 job losses and a recession by now?

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