Mogg and Brexiteer MPs table amendments to kill of May's EU plan

Pro-Brexit MPs have put in a number of amendments to the government’s Trade Bill in a bid to kill off Theresa May’s EU plan.

The Sun report that the amendments include:

  • UK only agreeing to collect taxes on behalf of the EU if the EU reciprocates.
  • Commitment to no border down the Irish sea.
  • Guarantee a separate VAT regime to the EU.
  • Forcing government to draw up primary legislation to remain in the Customs Union.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is quoted as saying:  “Unfortunately Chequers was a breakdown in trust. Brexit meant Brexit, but now it appears Brexit means remaining subject to European laws.

“I believe this will help the government stick to the promises it made.”

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Good to see that some Brexiteers are fighting the Chequers proposal. It simply isn’t Brexit. Question is, are they willing to go further and seek a new Prime Minister?