Minister Gyimah resigns in protest at May's deal

Universities Minister Sam Gyimah has become the latest to resign from Theresa May’s government, unable to support her proposed EU deal which he has described as “naive”.

The final straw appears to be the UK pulling out of Galileo, the EU satellite navigation system, after Brussels stone-walled the UK from accessing some secure elements of it despite having put in around £1 billion.

He describes this as “only a foretaste of what’s to come under the government’s Brexit bill”, writing in The Telegraph that having  “surrendered our voice, our vote and our veto, we will have to rely on the ‘best endeavours’ of the EU to strike a final agreement that works in our national interest”. A weak position to be in given the UK will have banked the £39 billion already.

This means that: “It is a deal in name only. And we will be relying on the good faith of the EU to deliver the bespoke deal we have been led to expect.”

Gyimah’s path forward will anger Brexiteers though: he proposes a potential extension of Article 50 and “asking the people again”. The reality is the British public just want the government to hurry up and deliver a proper Brexit.

Another resignation, another MP voting against. May’s deal is dead in the water.